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Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is a game of chance, so the first thing to do when thinking about playing, is not to get hoodwinked into buying one of those baccarat systems that promise and unbeatable method of winning at baccarat. Believe me, if such a watertight system existed, (1) no-one would advertise the fact and (2) casinos would have stopped offering the game a long time ago.
Having said that, here are a few tips to help you play the game to your optimum potential. The fact that you have decided on baccarat is a good thing to start with, because although the casino still has an edge (like in all casio games), in baccarat the house advantage is low compared to games like slots and roulette.

1. Don't bet on "tie"

In baccarat you have a choice of 3 bets, but it does not mean you don't have any options at all.

    * Betting on the Player Hand - the house edge is 1.3%.
    * Betting on the Bank Hand - the house edge is 1.0%.
    * Betting on a Tie Hand - the house edge is 15%.

The moral of this story? Bet on the one with the lowest house edge: the Bankerīs hand.

2. Number of decks and commission

You can improve your odds by selecting the right game to play: look at the samll print of the rules offered where you are looking to play and go for the casino that has the least number of decks played and the lowest commission.

A good choice is a 6 deck card game with 4& commission on the "Banker" hand. You can also find single deck baccarat at some online casinos.

3 Manage your money.

Keep a track and have a plan of how much you are going to bet and what your stop loss and cut and run with profit goals are.

  • Decide on a playing budget before the session. STICK to it.
  • Parcel up your budget and bet it steadily.
  • Try and bank a portion of any profits as you go.
  • Be disciplined!

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