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Super Pan Nine

There are 2 main types of Super Pan Nine. In the first variant the bank is held by the players, and in the second the casino house is the bank for every hand- it doesnīt rotate.

Super Pan Nine uses 8 decks of cards in which the 7, 8, 9 and 10 cards have been removed. The players and bankers are then dealt 3 cards face down.

Both players and banker must then decide whether to stand or draw an addional card- the aim being, as usual,  to get a score as near to nine as possible. The bank can only draw a 4th card with a score of between 4 and 5.

If a player is the bank, ther are no restrictions on when he must draw or stand.

The highest score of all the players and bank wins. if it is a tie, no money is exchanged. itīs a "push".  Players are paid at 19-20 if they win.

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