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There are essentially 2 ways that you can play baccarat online. The first is to play against a computer that mimics the play at a landbased casino through a "random number generator" or "RNG".

This is basically a program that deals out the cards with exactly the same probabilities that you would find on a standard baccarat table in Monaco, Las Vegas or Macau. All of the casinos featured on this site offer this kind of baccarat game option and all the casinos that we feature are frequently audited by an independent party like Price Waterhouse Coopers to ensure that the RNG is fair.

But if you prefer to see the action unfolding in front of your very eyes, you have another option. And that is to play Live Baccarat online.

In live baccarat, you watch the action as it happens over a webcam. You are connected to a baccarat room over the Internet, and although you play the cards remotely, you are as good as sitting at the table with all the other players. The only drawback, is that the games are slower, but this can be a great way to play online.

For Live Baccarat, we recommend Ladbrokes casino.

Play Baccarat Live at Ladbrokes Casino.
on line baccarat Ladbrokes list all their baccarat tables that are currently live. To start playing, just select your baccarat table by selecting the table with the limits of your choice. The minimum and maximum bets available on each table are displayed in the brackets eg: ($5 min and $500 max).
[Play Live Baccarat at Ladbrokes]

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