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Online Baccarat Tips

Tips and Strategies for Playing Baccarat Online.

Baccarat Tips
  • Baccarat is normally played with 8 decks of cards. As is the case with blackjack, the lower the number of decks, the better your chances.
  • In baccarat you have 3 betting choices:-Banker wins, player wins, and tie. The payout for the Bankr Bet and the Player bet are similar. you should avoid betting on a tie (see Baccarat Odds).
  • Ties donīt happen that often. Unless you bet on a tie, you get your money back if the game is tied (similar to a "push" in blackjack).
  • The House Edge for a tie can apporoach 14%. That is why we advise you avoid this bet!
  • The House edge for the banker's hand is 1.09% and most casinos charge an additional 5% tax on winnings on this bet.
  • The house edge for the player's bet is 1.24%.
  • Remember: baccarat is a pure game of chance. Most high rollers try and take advantage of waves of luck, by betting big over a short amount of time and then quitting the table (the so called Hit and Run strategy)
  • Make sure you have read and understood the game rules before you play- or practise on a free play account.
  • If you are playing in a land based casino, the dealer will burn as many cards as the number that appears on the face up card on the table.
  • The player is dealt the 1st and 3rd cards while the banker gets the 2nd and 4th cards.
  • You work out your baccarat score by using the last of any two-digit scores. So if your cards add up to 13, your baccarat score is 3.
  • If the total of the dealt cards is eight or nine, the player or the banker automatically wins (they have a natural). This becomes a tie only if the two hands have the same score.
  • Only a natural nine can beat a natural eight.
  • You need to draw if your card total is less than six or seven.
  • The Banker always draws on a total from 0 to 2. A total of 2 makes the bank draw only if the player draws a 3rd card of 8. If the player's 3rd card is an 8, 9 or an Ace, Banker can draw ona  card total of 4.
  • The Banker stands on 6 if player has a 3rd card of either 6 or 7 only.
  • The Banker always stands on a total of 7.

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